Why I Wear Makeup

I am the only one within my immediate family who wears makeup. My mum didn’t even wear any on her wedding day, and the only time my sister does is when I beg her to allow me to do her makeup for me. Because of this, my reasons for wearing it are often questioned. I was never quite sure how to answer when these questions came up, so recently have been thinking a bit about my answer. I think a lot of people think the main reason for people wearing makeup to impress others, particularly those we are attracted to. To be perfectly honest, when I’m feeling insecure or not particularly confident, then sometimes my makeup is to try and improve others opinions of me. However, nowadays I try not to worry too much about what others think, so that definitely is not the only reason. A few months ago I went through a stage where I had acne for a while. During that time makeup was definitely a bit of confidence for me. I felt so insecure about my skin, meaning I wore full coverage everyday, even around my family. I feel that attitude wasn’t very healthy for me – I felt very reliant on the make up and often would prioritise putting my face on over other, more important, things. The acne has left me with some scarring and imperfections, and if I’m completely honest a small amount of the reason why I wear makeup is to cover those scars, and to help me feel a bit better about my face. Having realised that I do become quite reliant on my makeup, and at the moment I am trying to focus on not wearing face makeup too often. The main reason I wear makeup though, is because I enjoy it! I honestly adore playing around with makeup and doing different looks, and it is one thing that I feel I am quite good at. Just as some people enjoy singing, or drawing, or sport, one of my hobbies is doing makeup. So the fact that I get to do my hobby every single day if I want to, and can show the product of my work for the rest of the day, is something really cool and exciting. I guess the confidence boost is definitely an added bonus, but the main reason I wear makeup is for my own enjoyment. I feel very grateful that I am reaching the point where I don’t feel I have to wear it everyday, and on days where I don’t have time or just don’t want to, I no longer feel like I am required to. I think the acceptance that this is the face God gave me, and so there is nothing wrong with it, has given me the freedom to enjoy wearing makeup without it ever becoming a chore. If you wear makeup, I would love to know why you choose to, and if you don’t I would love to know why you don’t!

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