Welcome to Judanna 2.0…

It does not feel long at all since I was writing my first Welcome to Judanna post, but here I am again. Some of you may have noticed, and many of you won’t have noticed, but I have not been very active on Judanna over the last few weeks. This is because, along with ridiculous amounts of homework and too many extracurricular activities, I have been working on my brand new blog – judanna.co.uk! I now have my own domain – and could not be happier with it. I have redesigned my blog fully, and I now really love how it looks, so I hope you guys will too! It feels very me, and is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been trying to achieve with my blog. I am hosted by wordpress now, rather than blogger. This means that if you are on wordpress, you can now follow me, or if not you can always subscribe by email! This has definitely been one of the best changes. I have so much more control and ability to customise on my blog, and following others, as well as others following me, has been made so much easier. In terms of content on my blog, there will not be much difference! I feel now that I have much clearer idea of what I want to post on here though, I have began to find my ‘thing’ and I am so excited to explore this vision. There are a few new series that I want to add and I feel I have a better idea of what works for me and what doesn’t. I know what I enjoy writing and posting, and when I look at my current posts I know which posts I am most proud of. However, it will very much remain that when I want to post something I will, whatever it is. I stick by my decision to just have this blog as my little corner of the internet where I get to share what I want and be 100% myself! I also am going keep this blog very unstructured in terms of when I post. I’d love to be able to say that I will post once a week, but I am well aware that I am very busy and often just don’t have the time. Also, I really want to keep my content as something I am proud of, and I feel that if I try to stick to a posting schedule, the quality will be lacking in the posts, and I will enjoy blogging less, so please don’t be surprised if there are some weeks where I am posting 3/4 times and some weeks where I post nothing – I know it may be annoying but it is the best that I can manage! I am beyond happy with my new blog, and beyond excited to start posting on it! I really hope you guys love the change as much as I do, and I will hopefully see you on my next post! Judanna xo

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