Welcome to Judanna….

Well, this is weird. I have no idea how to start this, or what to say, and the chances of this post staying up are verrrryyyyy slim, but here goes nothing!

I’m not sure how you found this blog, or why you’re here, but I just want to say that however you happened to find your way to this little unknown corner of the internet – welcome!

I am Judanna, a 16-year-old, Jesus-loving, British school girl; and this is a space where I can share my thoughts, feelings, doubts, as well as photographs, quotes, and possible beauty related posts. This is basically my own anonymous (no, surprisingly Judanna is not actually my real name!) safe space where I can be myself and let things out.

I hope to post my experiences, views, advice, doubts and anything else, about school, Christianity, life in general, and goodness knows what else! I hope that you may relate to my random thoughts, or maybe my thoughts will give you a new perspective, or maybe you won’t care, but I thought this would be a fun thing to try.

I started this blog for a couple reasons. a) I wanted a place to put some of my thoughts and experiences which is completely anonymous and without judgement, and b) I haven’t found many other teenage christian youtubers/bloggers and I know having someone who posted about their faith would have really helped me as I was growing up (if you do know of any please please leave them down below, I would love to check them out).

If you have found yourself on this blog, then you are more than welcome to stick around! I wish I could say I will regularly post good content, but I feel that my content being regular, let alone good, is a dream I’m unlikely to reach.

So there you are, a quick introduction to me and my blog! I hope to see you on my next post,

Judanna xo

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