Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette Review

Hey lovelies, Recently I managed to get my hands on the hugely-hyped, absolutely gorgeous Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette. I purchased mine on Beauty Bay for £37 pounds (*gulp*). If you would like to purchase this palette I would highly recommend following Beauty Bay on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) because it normally sells out very quickly after coming back in stock. My first impressions of this palette was love at first swatch! There is a beautiful range of shades which are all incredibly pigmented and swatch beautifully (apart from a couple exceptions). Since using this palette for a few weeks I have come across several things that I love about this palette, and a few things that I don’t love as much.
Packaging: The packaging for this palette is white and sleek, with silver foil writing. I think its very pretty, and definitely an upgrade on Morphe’s usual packaging. It is cardboard packaging, which I don’t have a problem with. However, the packaging is not particularly wipe-clean, and does seem to stain very easily. I have heard that they are coming out with a glossy white packaging – which will be wipe-clean – so if you are planning on getting this palette you may want to wait until then. Another flaw in the packaging, and the thing which annoys me most with this palette, is that there is no mirror! This palette seems like it was designed to be versatile and I had already decided it would be my new perfect travel buddy, but with no mirror it makes it so much more difficult to take on the move. On the inside cover it currently says ‘This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers.’ I think this is a really sweet tribute, though definitely could cause confusion for any purchasers who did not already know Jaclyn from YouTube. Another thing I noticed with the packaging is that there is nothing to tell me shade names. I would have loved them to be on the back, or under the eyeshadows themselves, but I didn’t even have an insert with the names on them. Although this may not be a big deal to most, it does make it very difficult if I want to tell you about different shades/formulas.
Shade Range: This was probably the first thing that drew me to this palette. When I first saw pictures, I loved the range of neutrals, brights, mattes, shimmers, etc. After owning this palette for a while my initial adoration and been subdued slightly, as I have began to notice a few holes within the shade range. To begin with, an eyeshadow shade that I probably use the most is a matte white/cream colour. For my skin colour an eyeshadow of that shade is perfect for setting the lid, or helping to blend out darker colours, and I didn’t realise how much I would miss an eyeshadow like that until I was trying to use a palette without one. Another thing this palette is in great need of is some cool toned browns. I swear every single transition shade in her palette looks pretty much the same, and when trying to do a very neutral look I much prefer using a cool-toned transition colour to a warm-toned one. Also, there are way too many transition shades and I would love a bit of variation in the shade range of those browns in order to be able to have a bit of depth within the looks. Also, since a lot of the brown/neutral shades are so light, they may not show up or have the desired effect on those with darker-skin, which is definitely a flaw within the palette. I do however adore a lot of the shades. I love the two shimmery white/cream shades, I love the different pink shimmers, I love the warm-toned reds and oranges, and I love the pops of colours she has included. Obviously everyone has very different preferences, so although I am not completely in love with the shade range, I’m sure it is perfect for some people.
Formula: My impression from having used Morphe shadows in the past is that they can be very hit-and-miss. Having heard that Jaclyn claimed to have formulated each eyeshadow to perfection, I was very much hoping that I wouldn’t have the same experience. Unfortunately I was disappointed on this front, and as usual with Morphe some of these eyeshadows blew me away and some left me feeling very let-down. I found with this palette that it was some of those brighter colours in the bottom left corner that were most disappointing. The green/aqua shimmer was incredible, but it’s matte counterpart and the bright blue and purple were definitely a let down. I found them to be very patchy, quite unpigmented, and difficult to work with. Looking past these shades though, I found the mattes to be buttery and incredibly pigmented, and the shimmers to be striking and very impressive. I did really love the colour and pigmentation of the black, but I found when I applied it to my lash line it had fully transferred to my lid within less than a hour. Overall, I do actually like this palette (despite this very negative view – sorry!), and I have found myself using it a lot. Though there are a few things I wish could be different, it is a good palette and I would recommend it as long as you are sure you will get use out of it. It is expensive, but I feel fairly confident that I will use it enough to justify that price. I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and that it was helpful for anyone who was thinking about buying it. Hope to see you on my next post, Judanna xo

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