Halloween Ideas for Those Who Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Halloween season has come upon us, and unlike every single person I seem to follow on social media, this is not something that brings me much joy or excitement. Like many Christians, I choose not to celebrate Halloween, and this used to mean a night of being left out and bored out of my mind, but in recent years I have realised it doesn’t have to mean that.

There are several reasons why people choose not to celebrate Halloween. For me personally I don’t like the idea of celebrating things that represent evilness and fear, and I don’t believe halloween is at all biblical. However, if you are someone who chooses not to celebrate Halloween, for whatever reason that may be, I have a list of different things/ideas that you can do on the 31st that won’t leave you feeling like an out cast.
  • If you have been invited to a halloween party, or to go out guizing (Trick or Treat-ing), remember there is no requirement for you to dress up as something ‘scary’. For example, why not dress up as an animal, or your favourite celebrity, or a character from a show or book. There’s no need for you to feel left out, especially if all your friends are going to it, but it means you don’t have to dress up as something you don’t agree with
  • You can always have a party with some friends, which can be dress up or non dress up depending on what you fancy. This way you are still spending time with people and having an enjoyable time, but it’s all the fun without the fear, which sounds like a win-win if you ask me!
  • One thing I often do is meet together with other Christians (or others who don’t celebrate/aren’t doing anything for halloween) and have a film/game night together. If you live in a community where there will be a lot of kids guiding you can also put a polite ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, so you’re fun is not interrupted.
  • If you don’t fancy/are not able to meet up with other people, why not have a pamper night to yourself? Run a bath, put on a face mask, watch your favourite film or read your favourite book, light some candles, do whatever helps you to relax and makes you feel happy. Again, if you are in a busy community the sign on the door may help here as well.
  • If you are Christian, I have heard some people talk bout something they like to do on halloween, where they take the opportunity of so many people coming to there door to talk about their faith. Halloween can be such good opportunity to ‘turn darkness to light’ (Isaiah 8:19) and evangelise to those who live around us.
So, there you go. I hope this has been helpful and at least one of the things on this list will appeal to you if you are looking for something to do on Halloween. If you have any other suggestions comment them down below, as it may help another reader out. Thank you for reading, and comment below what you will be up to next Tuesday. 

I hope to see you on my next post!

Judanna xo

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